2014 Regional Conference
Thanks, Buffalo!

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"Spread Your Wings with Music Therapy"

Buffalo, NY

April 10-12, 2014
Pre-Conference Institute, April 9

Buffalo Proclamation

Spreading Your Wings in Buffalo, NY

You can take the train, or you can take a plane, you can take a car – we're really not that far!
Too much fuss? Take the train or the bus – then walk two blocks to get to us!
Want to fly? Cheap flights you can buy! Southwest and JetBlue are available to you.
And travel from the airport is easy and cheap, by bus or taxi – it's not very steep!
And lastly, I bet you didn't know, that the Megabus comes to Buffalo!

You did take the train, and you did take a plane, you did take the car – and found we're not that far!
And now you are here, and so you have seen, you had nothing to fear, to Buffalo you've been!
We hope that you've enjoyed all that we worked so hard to give, and had a glimpse of the Buffalo area, where we all live.
So now it's time for us – to thank our team, to finally make a fuss because they rock to the extreme!


MAR-AMTA 2014 Regional Conference from Megan Resig on Vimeo.

Videos about Buffalo

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