Charge to the New Jersey State Task Force on Occupational Regulation

The role of the Chair will include the following:

  1. Coordinate of the work of the New Jersey State Task Force on Occupational Regulation (NJSTF).
  2. The Chair will provide the President of MAR, President of AMTA, and Chair of the CBMT or their designee with verbal and/or written summary reports of activity of the NJSTF at all regularly scheduled Executive Board/Board of Director meetings.
  3. The Chair will determine deadlines for feedback or votes.  The Chair has the authority to take action on NJSTF business based on the feedback or votes received by the identified deadlines.
  4. The Chair will be responsible for developing and maintaining lines of communication and correspondence with the Public Strategies Impact, key representatives of the State Assembly and Senate, regulatory agencies and bodies, and other related groups and individuals as appropriate
  5. Members of the task force will serve for two years: March, 2006-2008. Pending legislative and regulatory needs identified by the Chair of the NJSTF.  The members of the NJSTF may be requested to meet at regional and national conferences, regional Board meetings, or other meetings called by the Chair during the 24-month period.
  6. The administrative budget to carry out the work of the NJSTF may include, travel, lodging, meals, phone, phone conference, printing, postage and other related expenses.  Any expense over $200.00 must be approved per MAR fiscal policy.
  7. The NJSTF will monitor and facilitate the flow of accurate information among all constituents regarding legislative/regulatory activity related to music therapy and provide regular updates through the MAR newsletter and NJAMT newsletter.