1. In order to insure that the issues and concerns of the New Jersey State Task Force (NJSTF), MAR, AMTA and CBMT are heard and addressed; an advisory council will be formed.  Members to this council will include the NJSTF chair, one representative each from MAR, AMTA and CBMT.
  2. The advisory council will jointly appoint 5 members to the task force and agree upon a chairperson. Members of the advisory council will serve as ad-hoc members to the task force.
  3. The advisory council will help guide and direct the work of the task force in conjunction with Public Strategies Impact.  The intent is not for the Advisory Council to manage the day to day work of the task force, but to insure that all parties’ voices are heard.
  4. The NJSTF chair will keep the advisory council informed as to the work of the task force.
  5. The NJSTF chair will communicate all information received from Public Strategies Impact to the advisory council as quickly as possible, and in writing whenever possible.
  6. Any decision that needs to be made with regards to rule/regulatory/legislative change must be discussed and approved by the Advisory Council before any definitive action can be taken.  A list of “hotline” phone numbers will be kept by the NJSTF chair and our representative from Public Strategies Impact, in the event that an issue must be decided quickly.
  7. Decisions within the Advisory Council will be made by consensus with the intention that all parties are heard